Thursday, June 6, 2013


Never let anyone tell you that nursing isn't a dangerous profession. My first night back was a whopper. Luckily I was working telemetry and not the floor, but I felt for my coworkers. We had some dangerous situations and it made for a long chaotic night.

Otherwise my night was ok. I had a lot of anxiety about going back to work, and by a lot I mean a semi-load. I actually considered calling in. Instead I threw myself in to prepping lunches for the week and getting ready.

The dogs started to bark (my landlord has 2) and I heard a man on my porch. Thinking it was my Step-Dad (not very many men know where I live) I tripped through the messy house and to the door. It was my Pastor.

Slightly mortified, I ushered him inside and apologized for the mess. I was still in my pajamas and kind of greasy from cooking. He watched as I continued to meal prep and we talked. I haven't been to church since Easter.

I started taking the anti-depressant that spiraled me out of control right after Easter and just haven't been able to face church. The fact that he showed up today was a God-send.

I told him the truth about what has been going on and we talked a bit about how sometimes when I feel like I should pull away I really should be stepping forward. Then he prayed for me and my first night back and left.

If you're curious, this is what I have packed for lunches this week. Since I work 12 hour shifts I tend to pack 3 'meals' and 2 snacks.

Meal 1: Taco Pasta
Meal 2: Salad
Meal 3: Baked tortilla chips & funky mango salsa
Snacks: Broccoli, watermelon

Since I didn't work out before work I am going to skate right in under my calories, maybe a little bit over. Generally I eat more my first night back since I am trying to stay awake.

It was fun to do my hair and makeup up. I played around a bit in front of the mirror and got a new picture for my FB page.

Haha. I am half tempted to use it just to be silly. Here is the real one.

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