Weight Loss

Weight is an issue I could go on and on about. I have struggled with for two decades, I am finally done letting it define and control me.

The most I have ever weighed was 360lbs. My goal weight is 140lbs. I am nowhere close to that at the moment, but I am working on it.

February 2009: 360lbs
May 2010: 288lbs
September 2011: 350lbs
February 2012: 326lbs
April 5th 2012: 308lbs
April 20th 2012: 297.3lbs
May 29th 2012: 290lbs
Janurary 4th 2013: 322lbs
Janurary 9th 2013: 316lbs
Feburary 4th 3013: 309lbs
March 19th 2013: 316lbs
April 5th 2013: 319lbs
May 2nd 2013: 313lbs

Diet wise, I am not doing anything extreme. I try to make the bulk of my meals come fruits and vegetables. I have Celiac Disease (diagnosed before it was a fad) and do not eat gluten. I limit my dairy intake, normally all I will have is Greek yogurt, sometimes, as a treat I have cheese. My meat in take is low, and while I don’t obsess over carbs, I try not to go overboard on them.  My focus is truly whole, natural, healthy foods…

Exercise wise, I love Zumba, swimming, walking, and I am a new runner! My biggest challenge with any exercise is doing it consistently enough to see results. Cheer me on if you feel like it!

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