Monday, June 3, 2013

Odds and Ends

I found a Billy Blanks VHS at the thrift store a while back and picked it up. Memories of high school gym class came to mind when I saw it, since Tae Bo was one of the very few things I enjoyed in gym class.

What I didn't realize when I shelled out my $1 was this is an instructional video. Booo. After about 30 minutes I turned it off out of sheer frustration. It was a good stretch for my muscles and I may use it again if I'm sick or need something slow/low impact, but it's not the sweaty workout I was hoping for. Live and learn.

Today I saw my new Psychiatrist. We talked a little and then got down and dirty with my meds. It was reassuring to discuss what the long term plan is. Right now I am titrating one down and one up. Hopefully when all my blood work shows the proper levels I will be on just one out of the three new ones.

And I know I said it before, but if I keep on track it is very likely I will be off my blood pressure and insulin resistance meds here soon as well! This is my kind of news!
This blog is jumbled and about a bit if everything so this post will follow suit.

Today would be my Dad's 54th birthday. This past week has been a time to remember and celebrate his life. Saturday I went to the river and spent most of my time on the shore with a book. My Dad was NOT the outdoorsy type, he loved to read so it was fitting that I read instead of swam.

I did burn though. You can't see it as well in this picture, but redness on my chest is on both shoulders and halfway down my back. There is also some on my face but a lot of it has already turned to freckles. Uugh.

I wanted freckles growing up and never got them. Now I can't avoid them. There is a line of them across my upper lip that makes me look like I have a mustache. Enough with the complaining, all in all things are moving along well.

Here are some pics of the river Saturday.

My shoes started to float away.

And a bonus picture of whiskers!

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