Friday, December 28, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I had a good Christmas week. It was quiet, simple, and almost perfect. My sisters weren't able to come down, and I wasn't able to go up. In a way, this worked out for the best. Both my Mom and I worked Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so we carpooled and enjoyed coffee. Hopefully my parents and I will be able to go to Washington in January!

My family rarely goes all out on gifts. We prefer to focus on celebrating Christ's birth and enjoy the special moments that happen when family comes together. I did get a little spoiled this year though... I got a pashmina, a beaded purse, a vintage cuff, lots of toys for the cats, and candy from my immediate family.

My Grandparents sent me money (saved towards a treadmill), and my Aunt and Uncle sent me a Walmart gift card which got me some new slipper socks, a planner for 2013, and chocolate!

Today my parents and I had a small dinner of pulled pork, salad, homemade au-gratin potatoes, candied jalapeƱos, and a delicious gluten free chocolate hazelnut bread for dessert. After dinner I asked Bill (my Step-dad) if I could borrow their juicer for a few weeks, and he just gave it to me!

A friend gave it to them, and since they never use it, they gave it to me. I put it to use as soon as I got home and plan to use it a lot more!!

I pulled a few more things out of the attic, and made sure a few things I will want soon were still there. All in all it was a great holiday. Really looking forward to 2013!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

18 Days

I've spent 18 days in the new house. 18 days of hot showers. 18 days of not having to boil water to do dishes. 18 days of not having to use a bucket to flush a toilet. 18 days of being able to use the oven and more than one burner. 18 days of rearranging, cleaning, and savoring.

Last Christmas I hung a few favorite ornaments from cabinet knobs and called it good. The first thing I did after moving in my first load was set up my Christmas tree. It really makes this place feel like home.

The cats love it here. There is a ton of room to play, and all sorts of places to curl up for a nap. I moved the litter box out of the bathroom - they hate that they can't go to the bathroom with me now. I love it! They have more limits here, but it's really just helped balance their attitudes out.

I love having so much light. A warm bed. Truthfully, there is so much to be thankful for this holiday season, my new home is only a small bit of it.

Saturday I cooked myself a little Christmas dinner of my favorite holiday foods, and am actually looking forward to working Christmas Eve and Christmas itself. There is something sweet about working the holidays when you're in health care. Maybe I'm just nutty ;)

Time to head to bed so I can catch a few hours of sleep before work.

Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

All moved

Mid November I started to think about moving. On November 15th I posted on my Facebook that I was looking for a place. Offers flowed in, I looked at a few houses, spent a lot of time in prayer, and a lot of time talking to my family. I was determined to move ONLY if finances and the situation were right.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving I met a couple at church who were going to be looking for a new tenant soon. We chatted on the phone a few times, but I KNEW this was my place. God answered my prayers in a mighty way. The price was right, the situation was perfect, and I just had a feeling.

On December 2nd I saw the place for the first time, on December 5th I moved in my first load... Two days later I spent the night for the first time. It's amazing. After an initial adjustment period the cats both love it, and we are really settling in.

Last night we had a significant windstorm, for a little bit I was scared... But the cottage weathered the wind, and somehow the candlelit night made it seem even more like home.

The cottage is small. Tiny, by most American standards. There is a small sunroom, and then boom!, the rest (save the restroom) is all one room. Open floor plan lovers, this place is for you.

The openness is a bonus, since I was used to living/dining/sleeping being combined after a year in the RV. Unlike the RV, the cottage is spacious, has hot water, a flushing toilet, and a functioning kitchen!!

The entire process was a bit whirlwind, but I am just SO happy.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Moving on up

A few days after expressing my desire to get out of the RV and in to a house, the deal of a lifetime dropped in to my lap.

For the past two weeks I've been building the new home up in my head. Tomorrow I get to go see it for the first time. All I can hope is that it lives up to at least part of my dreams.