Sunday, June 2, 2013

3 Miles Total

My new meds have some wonderful side effects. I am pretty much dizzy all the time. So I have been extremely wary of going out to run and haven't laced up my Brooks since May 16th.

I ran once in the hospital (kickbutt treadmill, need! I had to run in my Velcro sketchers though, I couldn't have anything with laces) and since I've been home I've stuck to walking. Yesterday I wanted to run and wish I would have. When the urge came today I HAD to go. Dizziness be damned.

I ate breakfast, took my meds, drank some water and headed out. IT WAS AMAZING! I took a a new route, one my landlord told me about, it's a little hilly and just around 2 miles. There was very little shoulder all in all only 4 cars drove by me.

The scenery was beautiful, I couldn't ask for a better place to live. Tomorrow I am going to the loop backwards, so I am going downhill at the beginning instead of uphill at the end and see if that makes a difference on my speed.

16 weeks until the Prefontaine 10k. It's closing in fast. I made up a training chart yesterday and started training again today.

When I first started running trying to run 30 seconds was impossible. I had built myself up to 1 minute 15 seconds but had to drop back down to 30 seconds today. It wasn't hard, but it wasn't easy either.

The app I am using for training gets you running a 10k in 13 weeks so I have a little wiggle room if I want to repeat a week. There is no wiggle room for missing time though! I HAVE to stay on track if I want to run the 10k instead of walk it.

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  1. That is a gorgeous route! Good luck on your training! You can do it!

  2. Wow, so inspiring! I'm still trying to run a 5k without any walking. I've completed 4 5ks by now, but have had to walk in all of them. My biggest problem is consistency in training. I very rarely train 3 times a week like I plan to. I think if you can be consistent, then you will TOTALLY kick ass at the 10k!

    Also, I have a question for you: did you take those pictures while moving, or did you stop to take them? I always see people posting pictures from their runs, but I've always wondered about the logistics of getting such good pictures! (Which, by the way, those 2 are gorgeous!!)

    1. I stop! Since I 'wog' its easy to get pictures.