Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fertility and Running

At a doctors appointment earlier this month I found out I am not ovulating. My progesterone is extremely low. If I remember right my doctor said to ovulate your level should be 5. Mine was 0.38.

I was deflated. After years of trying with my ex-husband, we were told that an infection I had as a teen left me infertile. Last year I found out that the scarring from that infection was none existent and I was told I -could- have children.

So I had been contemplating babies... And then BAM. No babies for me. Not right now.

In hopes of increasing my progesterone naturally, I am supposed to be working out 6 days a week. I say supposed to because to be absolutely honest I am lazy, especially on the days I work. 12 hour shifts plus a commute makes working out look lame compared to sleep.

So I ran for a week and then took 2 weeks off. I am one of those people that has to deal with one thing at a time. An extreme depression low hit me hard, and I have spent the last two weeks healing my soul.

Today... Today I went out and ran! For 30 seconds. Then I walked. Then I ran. An app on my phone tells me what to do, and I just goooooo. It felt so good!

Once I lose 60lbs I am going to have my progesterone rechecked. Hopefully running pays off and my body starts to work again.

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I have been struggling with a desire to communicate with others lately. First I had this blog, but without a computer it has been difficult to maintain. So I made a Facebook page, but it didn't feel right. Instagram is amazing, but sometimes I have a lot more to say than a blurb to go with a picture. Although aren't these flowers from my Mom beautiful?

So I have tried a few different apps and social network sites, but nothing seems to fit. Finally, I bit the bullet and paid for BlogPress. This is my first post using it, hopefully it works! I have so much to share.

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