Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday Timeout - Week 1

Good afternoon! Today is my 29th birthday. Hopefully next year I will be able to say I am healthier, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I am starting a new weekly feature on my blog. It's fairly common on most weight-loss blogs to have a weigh-in day every week, but I found Ashleigh's way of doing it over at Passion for Life, Love, and Health to be the most inspiring... so in a sense I am copying her. Thanks for the idea!

Weigh-in: 312lbs 
It has fluctuated a LOT this week, I've seen as low as 305 and as high as 317. The issue is constipation (sorry, I promise not to talk about poop on the blog a lot!) due to my medication. After failing to fix things through diet, water intake, and working out, I have added some new things in to my daily regime and hope to see a difference next week.

Non Scale Victories:
Despite not seeing a true loss this week I have seen some body changes. I am down a pants size, and down a dress size as well. My ankles aren't as puffy, and I desperately need new pajama and scrub pants, they will not stay up.
New dress for my birthday, one size smaller than before.
This week was a mixed bag. First week back at work was awful, I haven't felt well due to the medication... On the upside, the dizziness has finally gone away! I feel more normal mentally, like something in my brain is finally connected. My new computer is awesome (yay netflixs!) and I love being online again. I didn't work out as much as I wanted, but I did get a lot of things done in the house and the garden. Look at my first bowl of spinach from the garden!
Spinach I grew myself. Mmmm.
Week 2 Goals:
Track food every day.
Stick to meal plan.
Work out 3 times by Monday.
Drink only water, fresh juice, tea, or coffee. (Chocolate almond ok as a treat)
Stay sane. (I have a crazy work schedule next week, it's going to take everything in me to accomplish this.)
Sun tea brewing on back porch.


  1. A few thoughts:

    YAAAAAAY NSVs!!!!!! Non scale victories are always fun!

    DUDE. You grow your own spinach! That's awesome. I might be jealous.

    There are a lot of things to celebrate in this post! NSVs, no more dizziness, new computers are always fun, and a successful harvest! I'd say that makes for a superb birthday. :-D

    Final thought: Copy away! I just hope this method works for you. If it doesn't, don't ever hesitate to tweak and tweak some more until it's juuuust right. (And thanks for the link back! :-D)

  2. Oh! And I forgot to add! I love the alliteration in the title of the post :-D ...very clever title, and I think it's perfect :-)

  3. You are awesome, Rachel! Keep it up. I hope you had a great birthday and I LOVE the new dress.

  4. Good work Rachel! You inspire me to keep working on my health!