Friday, May 3, 2013

Training Partner & Races

Awesome sauce baby! My sister has agreed to train with me for the Prefontaine Memorial Run (10k). We live 4 hours apart but are using the same Run 10k app and keeping each other accountable. The 10k is in September, so hopefully I will be able to schedule a vacation around it, that way we can hang out a lot while she is in town.

This won't be our first race though. We are both signed up for the Fat to Finish Line Virtual 5k. I am over the moon about this 5k!
Fat to Finish Line
My original plan was to do a Couch to 5k program and then find one in my area. The app I was using though was just too tough, it moved so fast, I couldn't keep up. I found the Run 10k app and it progresses at a better pace, plus I've always wanted to participate in our local Pre.
Steve Prefontaine was from my area. The 10k is run every year here in honor of his memory. Our training program ends quite a while before that race, so the FtFL 5k is perfect timing.

Today has been great. I got off work early this morning, that never happens anymore, which means I got some extra time in bed. Then I got a text from my sister saying she had done her first training run! Just a few more hours at work and I'll be headed home. This weekend is supposed to be gorgeous, so you better bet I will be outside enjoying the sunshine.

Here are a few iPhone pictures from my drive home... The best part of my day, I love this area.
View from car.
View from car.
View from car.

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