Thursday, May 2, 2013


Am I a blogger? A runner?

Yes and yes.

I may not be good or consistent at the whole blogging thing, but I have one and occasionally it get used. Therefor I am a blogger.

My mile might be 20 minutes long, but I do it. I may walk part of it. Jog part of it. Run part of it. I do it though, and that's what counts. A lot of the running blogs I read focus on the importance of identifying yourself as a runner regardless of what others say.
Running Route
No one has commented negatively on this new habit of mine. In fact the support I am getting from friends (many of whom run marathons!) is amazing. It's part of the reason I run. Knowing these women are out there cheering me on my way to a healthier life means a lot.
I've worn a lot of labels in my life. Some came from others. Some from doctors. Some from a deep ugliness inside of me that God has been patiently streaming light on waiting for me to realize that darkness is beautiful. It is His. His to heal, His to claim, His to transform. All I have to do is give it to Him.

Another label I wear is beloved child of God. This, this is the label I wear most proudly, yet struggle against hardest.

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