Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Curtains Teach Me A Lesson

My stomach bug from Saturday was back full force today, I made it to the grocery store for fresh produce and haven't left the house since. Instead of working out I set out to remedy the curtain situation. There were simple short khaki curtains up when I moved in, but the cats tore them down in a matter of weeks.

(You can see this window -an the original curtains- in the top middle, and bottom left pictures. )

I planned to frost this window and leave it otherwise bare (it looks directly in to part of the garden, which is likely to have someone in it when I need privacy), but I found some great fabric at a local estate sale that screamed curtains to me.

Last night I stitched it up and hung it. BLAH.

Totally keeping it real with the cat and laundry.

It felt boring and sort of 're-purposed bedsheet' to me so I went digging in my box from the estate sale and pulled out some yellow fabric. Originally I bought this fabric to make scrub pants for Mom and myself, but it turned out to be subtly tied dyed. No go for scrubs. Mom suggested making curtains out of it, turns out she had a dang good idea.

I took down the curtains, re-stitched the top (to make the rod pocket wider) and then made two more panels from the yellow fabric.

Still on the fence about how it looks, but it is definitely better than last night. 100% of my furniture is 2nd hand, most of it was given to me by family or friends, is on loan from my landlord, or was purchased at the thrift store. Most of my decor is 2nd hand as well, a lot of it I inherited when my Dad died, and the rest is from garage sales or discount stores.

I'm slowly starting to piece together a decor all of my own. This is a MUCH better way to exert control over my life than through food. Which is why I am posting about it here.

It's important for me to learn what is an appropriate way to relieve stress and what is not. It's also a good lesson in instant gratification and patience. These curtains are ok for now. I may not be 100% in love with them, but it is a vast improvement over what it was before, and instead of obsessing over it, I am going to embrace the 'for now' and enjoy it until the cats shred to pieces. ; )

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  1. I really like the first curtains being framed by the yellow. I think if the yellow were by itself it would be too much and if the first curtains were by themselvs, it would be too little. Hope I don't catch up on reading your blog and see that you've changed them! haha I read blogs a few days/a week behind, sorry!

    1. Thanks! The cats keep tearing them down, I really need to get a stronger curtain rod.