Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lazy Day

I had an odd day off this week, and in effort not to break my routine up too much I slept late and am trying to stay up until at least 2am. The downside to 12 hour night shifts is that I am a natural morning person.

This wasn't always the case, for most of my life I was a notorious night owl. About 4-5 years ago something shifted and now I love sleeping at night. What a novel idea. Trying to stay up late when I don't have anything to do (total lie , the cottage needs cleaning, lunches need packing, curtains need sewing... Now you know why I titled this post Lazy!) when it's dark out sucks.

I just made myself a cup of hot cocoa and plan to cuddle up under the electric blanket soon. It means I will be tired tomorrow might at work, but I'm used to that.

Since yesterday was a Bodyweight training day, today is a run day for me. I am going to ignore my apps halfway point and go out 1.5 miles. The app generally gets me 2.3 miles total and I want to hit 3.1 again.

I'm also going back up to 1 minute run intervals tomorrow. Last week I was at 1:15, but dropped back to 30 seconds (then 45) while I broke in new shoes and babied my leg.

My Brooks were a great investment. I don't feel as wobbly. I started running in Liv's by Sketchers, great for work but not meant for running! The Brooks are heavy though! After wearing them for a few days continuously I'm happy to retire them to pure running shoes. They were impossible to drive in, they always ended up kicked off to the passenger side.

Ugh, I am not going to make it to 2am. Goodnight! Can't wait to wake up and slay those 3 miles.

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  1. I hope you slayed the heck out of those miles!!!

    1. I never ended up going for the 10k walk, but I did get a decent run in while I was in the hospital.