Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yes yes yes!

The past two weeks have been torture. I had an awful doctors appointment... The words abnormal, surgery, and tumor were used. I had a entire blood work up and a intrusive/embarrassing ultrasound...

I have been stressing out for two weeks... To find out everything is mostly normal. There are a few things to work on... And I do have to go see a n OBGYN about some things...

But! No tumor. No surgery. Nothing life threatening. I can breath.

I needed this wake up call... A reminder of how great my God is, how wonderful my friends and family are... What a blessing it is to work with educated health professionals who willingly listen to me as I try to make sense of my health... Who share their own stories and wake up calls.

My body is my responsibility, I need to treat it with respect and love. My life can only be influenced by what I allow in it.

Thank you thank you thank you.

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