Thursday, September 20, 2012

Making home sweet

“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.”
― Jean Cocteau

Owning a dog didn't work out. The combination of 12 hour shifts, living in a space the size of some porches, and my impatience with an overly needy personality won out. Bubbly found a new home in January.

For a while I felt like pets just weren't for me... Then my neighbor brought home a kitten and I fell in love. On May 26th I brought home the last little girl left in the litter my neighbor got her kitten from. It was rough the first few nights.

I was not prepared for the car ride and almost lost the kitten before getting her home. There was a brief moment of cuddling on the bed and then she was off. The RV was torn apart trying to find her. All I could think was she got stuck behind something, or tangled in electrical stuff, and couldn't get free.

Around 2am I heard some meowing from the bathroom and after some wrangling managed to extract the kitten from the toilet. My RV came equipped with a 'camp' toilet, which is made of plastic and has a small opening in the back. The hollow area around the bowl has another narrow opening in the front where you push the pedal to flush. It took almost an hour and a bloody hand... But she was free.

That night and the few after she slept in a box with multiple holes in the lid. I named her Olivia. Or... Jolli Oli Cupcake Toilet Girl. Things went smoothly after that. Oli's sister would come over to visit, or Oli would go to my neighbors...

Recently my neighbors cat has been spending more time outside, something I don't want Olivia doing... And it became clear my little girl didn't like being alone. So last week I went and got another baby. Cordelia. Things have been infinitely smoother with her... And in the last 48 hours they have finally started to get along. Oli lives to groom Cordie, and Cordelia wants to copy everything Olivia does.

It's funny, how much cozier the RV feels now with two cats instead of just one. I was resistant to cats to begin with, due to litter and noise... But these little girls have such huge personalities. They make coming home fun.

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