Saturday, September 1, 2012

What I Learned This Week

1. When your Doctor and your pharmacist try to warn you about side effects from a new medication, listen!

2. When depression is depriving you of oxygen and sanity, it is ok to interrupt your Mom at work so she bring you back to earth.

3. Trying to keep something that's eating away at you from your best friend sucks. Tell her already.

4. Today might the worst day in a long time... Tomorrow will trump it.

5. The words 'possible tumor' are soul chilling, the cold does not fade.

6. Insulin resistance protocol labs take 2 hours. Bring a sweater.

7. Your Doctor won't always maintain her composure when she find something strange during an exam. Sometimes that is more comforting than a straight face.

8. Running away to the country to spend the weekend with your parents is OK. We all need a chance to go home.

9. Crying, driving, and mascara do not mix!

10. When a friend cleans your house while you are out, because she knows you are struggling to get out of bed... Let alone take out the trash.. It means everything.

God is good. His plan is in place. Prayer is amazing. Deep breaths helps. A week is not forever, patience will trump fear if you give it a chance.

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