Wednesday, December 28, 2011


My goal for today was to get new pictures of the motorhome to chronicle how I've settled in to the space without making any renovations. It's raining though, and for some angles I would actually have to step outside and shoot through the door or a window to get a decent shot... so, pictures to come in the New Year!

I will tell you that the chairs that came with the motorhome have been removed. They were Awful. AWFUL. I replaced one with a simple rolling chair, and the other with a bookcase. All in and all I am happy with the change, and find everything to be much more comfortable. Being down one seat doesn't bother me much anyway, as the total amount of people I have had in the trailer is 3 adults and 1 baby... there was plenty enough room for us all.

A gripe would be the overall lack of wall and counter space. Right now my television sits on an end table that is actually sitting on top of one of the fold out beds. Tacky, and slightly dangerous... but there is no where else for it. One day I would like to upgrade to a flat panel wall mount for space reasons... but there is no where to mount one. I could look into some sort of under cabinet mounting system I suppose, but then I run the risk of blocking out natural light from the windows.

Television isn't all that important, it's just there for the noise really. I guess that's a small gripe, and if it's the biggest I have at the moment, I'm in a good spot.

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