Monday, December 12, 2011

Checking In

It's been exactly two weeks since I moved in. Yesterday a kind neighbor drove the motorhome a space forward, and helped me level out once more. My old space was a mud hole, and smaller than the rest due to trees. There were "streets" on each side, and frankly... it was one of the worst spots in The Park. The spot I am in now is "invite" only. Meaning the neighbors on the row have to want you to have the space before the owner of the park will give it to you.

I don't know what I did to charm the two older gentlemen who have been a great resource and help to me, but somehow they have become friends. They spoke for me, and now the space is mine. Home sweet home. When I look out the front windows I see the field, alpacas, and sunshine. To the back is a "street", and on each side of me there are quiet families.

The space came with a concrete slab to walk on, instead of mud, a picnic table, and a small herb garden. Rosemary and thyme grow right outside my door. There is space for a shed, another garden, and a run/fenced area for Bubbly. One of these days I will get to building him a small shelter and playground.

The motorhome is level now, and my drain hose is working properly. Soon I'll have propane hooked up, and won't have to heat water for dishes in the microwave! The cable and internet work, and I've yet to go hungry.

Bubbly and I are settling in with each other. He's a rescue, and the sweetest guy I have ever known. He came from a family that had 6 dogs older than him, and was starving for attention. We go for walks several times a day, and he has already made friends with the neighbor dogs. Watching them chase each other in circles never fails to make me smile.

Of course, there are downsides, like space. Funny, how little of it there is, and how many things I manage to lose in a course of a day. There are all sorts of nooks and crannies, and today I found my favorite flashlight under the front passenger seat. No idea how it got there, but it's got a new home hanging by the door!

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