Sunday, December 4, 2011

At Peace With Myself

It's been an interesting week. Unpacking took me much longer than expected. One would think that having limited space and sparse belongings would make unpacking easier. I was completely wrong.

I had to sleep, wake up, and use the motorhome for several days before the idea of where things belonged came to me. For a while I slept on the pull out near the table and captain chairs... and felt smothered and uncomfortable. So I moved to the pull out in the kitchen, and wham bam! The motorhome suddenly seemed much more spacious and homey.

After a lot of deliberating, things are unpacked (save the bathroom - because some on, it's the bathroom!), and I have cooked, done dishes, changed, slept, relaxed, and cleaned. It feels like home. The last box I unpacked had a few pieces of decor in it... mostly carved whales and sea glass. There are so few places for knickknacks I selected only a few, and hung the seaglass from hooks around the home.

Today I met a little maltese dog who will be making his forever home with me tonight. I have a feeling that having some companionship will really make the motorhome feel like my home.

I'm Movin' On - Rascal Flatts

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