Sunday, October 7, 2012


It's been a great week for food. I spent $175 of my own money, an additional $50 from a friend who had borrowed money from me, and a bag of gluten free and organic goodies from my parents.

I've had a green smoothie every day, and enjoyed opening the fridge, only to have things fall out because it's so full.

Right now I have a roast in the crockpot, beans in the Dutch oven, and rice in the pressure cooker. Lunches are going to be great this week!! There is homemade hummus, chayote squash, bell peppers, salad, and apples ready to pack into my lunch bag.

For dinner I had a piece of gf bread with almond butter, a smoothie, and ginger tea. It's a far cry from what I was eating when I moved in to the RV last November. I feasted on canned spinach, hot dogs, and broth packets... There were days I had to eat at work before coming home because I knew there was nothing here.

Slowly my cupboards have filled up with staples, my freezer has extra in it, and I am taking an entire days worth of meals to work with me. Switching to nights has forced me to start thinking about what I put in my body. 12 hour shifts means I eat the majority of my days calories at work. Some days I might have a small snack at home before and after my shift, but typically not.

So now I'm gluten free again, why I ever stopped eating that way boogles me. I was diagnosed with celiac disease years ago, and did very well for a long time... And then stopped

I feel much better after just a month!

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