Monday, August 20, 2012


The cat is stretched out atop my bed, sun streams in wide open windows... The smell of tea and the sound of beans boiling... Music plays softly, wind blows setting the chimes on the awning to singing. The freshly vacuumed rug feels knobby beneath bare feet, the sweet tartness of an orange lingers on my lips.

Soon it will be time to make dinner... But for now I'm relaxing, enjoying the most simple parts of life.

I cleaned the RV today in spurts. Sometimes I'd sit and watch Alias... Then I'd frantically drag a broom across the floor... A brief trip to the corner store for coffee and a hot dog really made it feel like my day off.

For a while I worked in the yard, cleaning up watermelon rinds and watering plants.

I'm down to one potato, no rice, and a smattering of mixed greens in the fridge. There is something quite pleasant about eating the bits and pieces leftover from grocery shopping. Clearing out space for more...

Today is one of those days where I simply am. Present. Me. Content. Changing. Alive. Happy.

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