Thursday, February 23, 2012

Instagram & Tea

I've hopped on to the Instagram bandwagon! My boyfriend got me the iPhone 4 for Valentine's Day and one of the first apps I downloaded was Instagram. It's fair to say my addiction has only grown. 

Since I have suffered from two bouts with illness this year (one gastrointestinal, one upper respiratory) my new goal is to strive towards better nutrition. No more colds! In an effort to get over my current cold, I made a big pot of get better tea. My Mom used to make this tea any time anyone got sick growing up. She'd always start make it in the same pot... it was some sort of pressure cooker my paternal great-grandmother gave to my parents after they married and moved in together.

My sister was giving the pot, and a few summers later I found one nearly indicital to it at a garage sale. Every time I make this tea, it has to be in this pot! Talk about nostalgia... the cranberries are beginning to pop open, which means it's time to turn the heat down to low. The motor-home smells delicious... I don't know if it's the combonation of vitamins, caffenine, and citrus that always makes me feel better when drinking this tea, or just the memories.

The recipe is simple... toss in your favorite teas (I used red & lemon zingers, lavendar & chaomile, wellness, and mangosteen this time... other times I've used raspberry, black, green, and everything in between), a few handfuls of frozen cranberries, sliced citrus fruit, sweetner (I used mints today, other days it's sugar or honey), and any other sort of fruit you have. Growing up we used anything we had in the house, including strawberries and pineapple. Heat until the cranberries start to pop open, and then reduce to a simmer for 30 minutes. Drink and feel better!

A few more of my favorite Instgram photos...

Caught this guy trying to sneak in a gas station.

Runny eggs, wilted and lemon spinach, greek yogurt, and a jalapeno cheese roll.

My nephew Liam.

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