Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Good morning! I slept in the RV last night and woke up actually feeling sort of spy (after a few cups of coffee and a hazy phone call or two). Before dragging all my stuff in I took a handful of pictures to share. They aren’t the best; in fact they sort of suck… I took them with my phone and didn’t do anything but resize and sharpen them this morning.

On to the tour! Oh, and by the way, investigation this morning led to the 
revelation that my new home on wheels is a 1979 Chevrolet Sportschoach 2700.

See the interior after the jump.

Part of the stairway pulls apart to reveal a control panel and storage compartment.

The view to the left. The seating area folds out into a bed.

The microwave and fridge.

 The bathroom. To the right is a closet and two drawers, and up above the window is a storage area.

The tiny commode. It's not filling correctly so I keep a bucket of water nearby to help flush. I don't plan on using the shower as The Park has bigger nicer ones a short walk away.

The view from the bathroom. Kitchen on the left, sleeping area on the right.

Cabinets. Above the doorway is another control panel.

More cabinets, the microwave, and the range hood.

The cockpit. The captain's chairs are actually quite comfortable.

This folds out into a bed too. I plan on sleeping here.

Directly across from the fold out is a pop up table and two removable chairs.

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